Hi guys, this is Michel and welcome to webmasters home where you can access a lot of free tutorials. In this article, we are going to teach you how to create an application introduction website for yourself with Html and css templates. If you are a mobile developer, this article can help you a lot to increase the number of installs of your application in Google Play and the App Store. Also, having a beautiful and modern website will give your application a professional look. And of course, this video is more for those who like to learn web development and enter the world of programming. If you want to learn Html and css, be sure to register from this link on our website, because we will provide you with many free tutorials and templates.

well In this part, we used the pavo template and completely analyze its code and teach you what each line of code does and how you should edit it or what to do if You want to design a custom html template for yourself.

Hosts and domains

At first, you need a host and a domain to get your website online. Hosting is the space where you upload the contents and files of your website. And the domain is the address that you enter into your website. For example, my website domain is pinkpen.net. We did not waste much time here, by searching in Google, you can buy quality hosts and domains for yourself.

Download the free HTML application introduction template

Well, before doing anything, first download the template via this link.



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