One of the best and most popular jobs in the world is becoming YouTuber. Making videos on your favorite topics and staying home and earning a decent income are some of the features that make this job lovable. But contrary to popular belief, becoming a YouTuber is not an easy task. There has been a lot of effort behind every successful and popular blogger you see. To succeed in this carrier, you need to spend time and money.

To become a Youtuber like any other business, you need special tools. Depending on your budget, these devices can range from $ 100 to several thousand dollars. We will explain this to you in the following. Another thing that is said a lot is that YouTube is saturated. Many famous YouTubers are active in all subjects and there is no more space for new YouTubers. This belief is completely wrong and if you follow this path well, you can get a good visit for yourself and become a successful YouTuber.

How to build your own YouTube studio

You need a number of tools and facilities to make a quality video. You first need a camera to record your image and you need a microphone to record your voice. also, You need a device to edit your video and publish it on YouTube. Of course, this is general and we will explain it to you in full below To become a successful YouTuber.

Choose the best camera for YouTuber

The most important part of YouTube Studio is the camera. Without a good camera, your efforts will not be successful. But this does not mean that you have to buy an expensive professional camera. You can produce quality images by buying a mid-range camera with good lighting and editing. One of the most important steps for YouTuber to succeed is choosing the right camera. The camera you choose depends entirely on the style of video you produce. For example, if you record a blog or play a game, you need completely different cameras.

To buy a camera at a reasonable price, you can visit the site store. You can buy any of the following cameras for yourself.

  • Compact Digital Cameras
  • Digital SLR Cameras
  • Mirrorless Cameras
  • Action Cameras
  • 360 Cameras
  • Film Cameras
  • webcams
  • Smartphone camera
  • etc

Lighting is essential for to be good YouTuber

You do not need lighting equipment if you want to produce your videos outdoors and as a blog. But if you are recording video indoors, you need enough light. If your space is large and there is enough sunlight in it, you do not need light equipment, but if your video is dark or shady, you must provide light equipment. You can use professional lighting equipment, which will definitely cost a lot, but you will get the best output. If you do not have enough budget, you can make your own light equipment lamp, which there are many tutorials on YouTube that you can refer to. Or you can use cheap ring lights.

Important Note: newcomer YouTuber usually ignore this section, but the light is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need because it can increase the quality of your video tremendously

High quality microphone for making YouTube video

The microphones in your laptop or mobile phone are only suitable for talking or sending voice and are not useful for recording podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. To record a podcast or a YouTube video, you need to have a professional microphone. If you use the camera microphone, your voice will be far away, there is a lot of noise, unwanted noises inside the house, etc., you will have to provide a microphone. Of course, you do not have to buy expensive microphones, you can use USB microphones or collar microphones that cost less than 20$. You will also need software on your computer or laptop to save and edit the sound recorded by the microphone. Adobe Edition is one of the best software in this field.

tripod needed by YouTuber

Don’t forget to buy a tripod if you don’t want your videos to be shaken, crooked or blurred. Don’t forget to buy a tripod if you don’t want your videos to be shaken, crooked or blurred. Also, if you are filming with smartphones, you should use a mobile tripod. Tripods are cheap, so you better not take the risk and get it for your home YouTube studio.

Perfect background for video

Your background should be interesting to the viewers. Choose the best side room for your background. It could be your beautiful bookcase, or a wall full of posters and pictures and thousands of other creative backgrounds you can create. Using colored lamps and strings can greatly help the beauty of your background. If you do not have a good background, do not forget the green screen. Green screen helps you to easily remove your background and insert your desired image. Their price is also very reasonable and you can get it at a cheap price.

Device for editing and recording

You need a device to edit video and record audio. It is better to have a laptop or computer because video editing software is much more professional for Windows and Mac than for Android or iOS. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software used by most YouTubers. This does not mean that you can not become a YouTuber if you do not have a computer, but editing with a computer is much more professional. Soon we will publish an article to teach you how to edit YouTube videos by phone, so in order not to miss this post, be sure to register on our site.

Ok, if you followed all the above, now you have a good YouTube home studio. I have to say sadly that the story is not over, the most important part of becoming a good YouTuber is making good quality videos.



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