What are the benefits of increasing site speed? Fast loading of pages will cause more users to visit your site pages. Many users close the window and exit when your site takes time to load. A fast and smooth site provides a better user experience for visitors. And of course, the most important reason to improve the speed of the site is its impact on SEO. Search engines attach great importance to the speed of the WordPress site. Search engines attach great importance to the speed of the WordPress site and are one of the most important factors in ranking sites.

buyers are the least impatient and expect products to open up to them quickly. If you are a little late, they will probably buy from your competitors. So if you have an online store and you use WooCommerce, pay close attention to the speed of your site so that you do not easily lose customers that you have gained with difficulty.

Well, now that you understand the importance of this issue, let’s learn how to improve the speed of your WordPress site. In this article, we are not going to introduce just one expensive premium plugin and say that this plugin increases the speed of your site, no, we are going to examine all the factors that affect the speed of the site.

First check the speed of your site

Well, before you learn how to speed up your WordPress site, let’s first check the speed of your website. You can analyze your websites for free and infinitely from this link. Ok, after checking the speed of your site and fixing the problems that our site analyst said, go to the continuation of the article.

boost WordPress site speed

1.Choice of quality and high speed hosts

2.Choose a lightweight and optimized WordPress template

3.Don’t forget Optimize Images

4.Optimize your JavaScript and CSS files.

5.Upload videos on YouTube

6.Do not forget to use lazy loading

Choice of quality and high speed hosts

host wordpress speed

The main part of having a high-speed site is choosing the right quality and high-speed hosts. If your hosting is poor but you follow all the factors to increase the speed of the site, you will not get results. This is exactly the foundation of your home, and if you do not have the proper infrastructure, no matter how much you spend, your home will not be strong. The host you choose should not have too much downtime and should be 99 percent uptime. In a separate article, we will teach you how to choose the right host. If you do not want to miss this article, be sure to register on our website, which is the second home of webmasters. Shared hosting is reasonably priced, but when the server is crowded, it slows down your site. It is recommended that you use WordPress dedicated hosts.

Choose a lightweight and optimized WordPress template

 lightweight WordPress template

Templates that have a lot of photos and videos, a lot of JavaScripts are used in them, etc., have a beautiful appearance, but they slow down the site drastically. Therefore, it is always recommended to use lighter and more optimized templates as much as possible, which speeds up your site and also helps you a lot for SEO. The simplicity of the template is not the only requirement, many templates are simple in appearance but their code is not optimized and has a large volume, so make sure the template you choose is fast.

Don’t forget Optimize Images

optimize image wordpress

One of the main reasons for increasing the size of the website is the images. Images are much larger in size than text, but images cannot be removed from the site. So what to do? Our solution to this problem is to reduce the size of the images. Reducing the size of the images also reduces the quality of the images, but not too much. You can reduce the size of the image with Windows software such as Photoshop, Corel, etc. But this method is very time-consuming to reduce the size of each image separately. That’s why we suggest you use WordPress plugins. There are many premium and free plugins that can help you with this. You can find them with a simple Google search. In a separate article, we will compare image optimization plugins.

Optimize your JavaScript and CSS files.

optimize css file

A large number of CSS and JavaScript files will increase the number of website requests and slow down your website. The inefficiency and complexity of these files also increase the loading time of your website. You have probably encountered this error in many web speed checkers. Many templates use external CSS and JavaScript. For example, many links from Bootstrap, Facebook, Google, analytics services, etc. are used on websites. These links are fully optimized and load even faster than the files uploaded to your host. But if the number of these files and requests increases, your site will be severely damaged quickly. If you are not a programmer and can not optimize yourself, do not worry, many plugins will do it for you.

Upload videos on YouTube


Upload the videos you produce to YouTube instead of to your own web host. You may think it is better for SEO to upload videos on your website. Only do this when your servers are as fast and powerful as Google and YouTube. Otherwise, it will completely harm your website and slow down your website. Videos uploaded to YouTube are reduced in size using YouTube algorithms, but the quality does not diminish much. Imagine how many users want to watch that movie at the same time. Do you think the servers you provided have the ability to be downloaded by these users at the same time? Also, posting your videos on YouTube will drive a lot of YouTube visitors to your website. Of course, we have nothing to do with this issue in this article 🙂 Let’s go to our business.

Do not forget to use lazy loading

If you upload a lot of images to your site, lazy loading is the best choice. loading Lazy means that not all images are loaded at first and only load when the user scrolls. In simpler terms, the images at the top of the site are loaded first, and when the user scrolls the page and goes to the bottom of the page, the images are loaded for the user in order. This feature is not only for images; you can use it for videos, comments, text, etc. Countless plugins do this for you, we will compare these plugins in a separate article to help you choose the best plugin. If the number of images on your website is not large, do not activate the lazy load because it does not have a significant effect on the speed of your site

Well, I hope you found this article useful . and that you were able to improve the speed of your WordPress site. This article will be updated in the future and many other solutions will be added. If you know other methods that we did not mention in this article, you can discuss them with us in the comments. Thanks :))



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