Read this article first before you decide to build your site. This article will teach you tips that will help you choose your domain, host, and type of site. As you know, choosing the right domain and hosting will have a huge impact on your website SEO. One of the most common mistakes newcomers make is to get domain and host first. They install their desired cms and after that, they just go for SEO training. That time is over and maybe you made a mistake in providing hosts and domains or choosing cms. Now you have to buy a new domain or host, which will make you spend a lot of time and do things again from the beginning. Also, do not forget that you have to pay a lot of money for your new domain. Well, now that you understand the importance of this issue, let’s move on.

The Impact of Domain and host on SEO

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Short domain introduction

Let us first define the domain for you. Because you who are probably reading this article are new to this. The domain is actually the address of your website that appears at the top of your browser. The domain is actually the address of your website that appears at the top of your browser. For example, the domain of our website is PinkPen.net. The domain consists of several parts. For example, the domain name of our site is pinkpen. It is also the top-level domain of our site net. Which is called TLD for short. There are thousands of different top-level domains in the world, but a few of them, such as com, net, org, Xyz, etc., are more famous. Well, now that you have a minimal acquaintance, let’s examine the importance of domain and host in SEO.

The Impact of the domain on SEO

There are several things you can do to optimize your website for search engines. Speed up your website, optimize your site titles, link building, and more. Choosing the right domain also helps a lot in optimizing your website. This article is dedicated to this topic and to learn other topics related to SEO, refer to the SEO section of our site. A good domain name can help you a lot in optimizing and increasing your traffic. Also, a bad domain name can do a lot of damage to your site SEO.

Use keyword in the domain name

When choosing a domain name, try to include your main keyword. Of course, your main keyword can be the subject of your website and your business activity or your company name. For example, Apple should not name its site the seller of the phone :). But for example, if you have a real estate office that you work on renting, using the word rent in the domain of your site helps a lot. So you have to find out which name is more suitable for you.

Of course, do not make the mistake that using the keyword in your domain is no longer as it used to be, but it still has its effect. Also for the user when looks at the domain, he sees that the desired keyword is in your domain, he is more likely to click on your site in Google searches. But if your company is famous and you can build a brand for yourself, be sure to try to put your domain name as your company name.

Avoid choosing long domain names.

The shorter your domain name, the more professional your website class will look. Shorter domains are also easier to remember. Shorter domains are also convenient if a user wants to share your site address with someone else. So do not try to exceed the length of your domain by more than 3 words. In popular top-level domains, most one-word domains are pre-registered and the one-word domain is no longer empty. But you can still buy beautiful and professional two-word domains for yourself.

Choose a domain that is easy to remember

As I mentioned before, having a short domain name helps a lot. Also, try to choose a name that is simple to pronounce and has a simple spelling. Having similar words with different spellings can confuse users and go to other people’s sites.

The Impact of the host on SEO

There is no denying the importance of web hosting in optimizing your website for search engines. Choosing a high-quality and fast host will increase the loading speed of your website and improve your website SEO. But the most important argument is that you mistakenly provide poor-quality hosts. A host that is slow or very slow can destroy your site SEO and make all your users run away. So pay attention to the following few points so that you can provide quality hosts.

Impact of hosting on site speed



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