Hello, dear users of the PinkPen website. Welcome to another new article on Exercises for programmers and Webmasters. I hope you have a good day. At first glance, it may seem very good that programmers, webmasters, and designers do not need to be physically active and have to sit at a desk all the time. But if you do not take care of yourself and do not care about your health, sitting behind a desk will hurt you a lot. Many programmers, graphic designers, etc. suffer from severe back and neck problems when they reach the age of 40. But do not worry, in this article we will teach you Exercises to get rid of these problems.

In this post, we will talk about two categories of Exercises. The first group is the exercises that you have to do behind the desk and the second group is the ones that you have to do in the room. So stay with us until the end of this article. Also, if you are interested in reading such articles, you can register for free at Webmasters home.

Some information and advice about Exercises

In the age of technology, many of us, including myself, have to sit behind our desks for hours. This long sitting behind the desk and headaches and eye fatigue also causes problems in our back and neck. The exercises we have chosen for you, in addition to the above benefits, will cause more oxygen to reach your brain and you will be fresher and healthier. Be sure to do these exercises calmly and slowly so as not to hurt yourself. Also, do not start exercising heavily suddenly. Start light and then make it harder over time. Suddenly starting heavy exercise causes muscle fatigue as well as irreparable damage to them.

Exercise for programmers pinkpen

Exercises to do behind the desk

Well, these are for when you are in your office. Or when you work at home behind your own desk. Well, these are for when you are in your office. Or when you work at home behind your own desk. Do these exercises whenever you feel tired. Okay, let’s finish the introduction and go to the exercises.

Wrist and fingers

Your fingers and wrists get tired over time from working with the mouse and keyboard. The following four movements that you see in the photo can be the best exercise for you. Note that apart from exercise, the correct way of holding the mouse and typing is also very important in the health of your hands. We will soon publish a separate article on how to sit at your desk and type and work with the mouse.

Exercises Wrist and fingers programmers

Head and neck exercises

You may be surprised, but your facial organs are also tired. Your limbs do not move and become uniform over time, they get tired and the blood does not flow well in the facial organs. Do these exercises to refresh yourself and your face. Raise and lower your eyebrows gently so that you feel the muscles of your face shake. The next move is howling like a lion. Of course, be careful not to hurt yourself :). Like a lion yawning or yelling, open your mouth for 10 or 20 seconds. Move your cheek muscles as well. Try to move almost all parts of the face so that the blood reaches your brain better and you become healthier.

One of the most sensitive and vulnerable organs is your neck and you should take good care of it. If you are careless, you can easily inflict irreparable damage on them. To get rid of neck pain, just do each of the following movements in a stretched manner for 20 seconds. Note that if you do any of these exercises if your neck hurts and the pain increases as you continue to move, stop moving immediately. And be sure to discuss this with your doctor. The sooner treatment for these diseases begins, the easier it is to treat. You can see the neck exercises in the photo below.


exercises This section is very simple. All you have to do is lift your shoulders up and hold for a few seconds and then return to normal. Do this movement 4 to 5 times to get the fatigue out of your shoulders completely. I don’t think we need to show this move with a photo, you can see it yourself :).

Hands and upper body exercises

This part is very important and there is a lot of fatigue in your body in this part. So take hand exercises very seriously to both keep your body healthy and fresh while doing work. For the hands, we have prepared 6 movements for you. How to do the exercises is quite clear in the photos and I do not think there is a need for further explanation. The direction of the arrows indicates the direction in which you should draw your hand, and the highlighted parts are the part where you feel the tension and pressure. Note that each of these movements must be done for both your left and right hands. Do the movements once or twice and hold for 7 to 10 seconds each time.

hand Exercises

Waist exercise

This movement, which is done with the help of a chair, can relieve some of the fatigue in your back. Sit on the side of the chair and turn slowly, grab the back of your chair and hold for a few seconds. Then sit in the other direction and do it again. The next exercise should be done while sitting at a desk. Come to the edge of the chair and then place your ankle on the other foot. Bend gently to stretch your back. In the picture below, you can see the correct position of these movements.

programmer back exercise

Do not forget the legs

The legs, like the rest of the body, should be exercised and should not be immobile for long periods of time. For exercise, you can open and close the legs, that is, straighten them and then return them to their original position.

Well, the exercises behind the desk are over. I hope you enjoyed this article. In the future, we will publish an article on the exercises you should do in your club or room.



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