Hello, dear users of the PinkPan website. I hope you had a good day. In this article, we are going to examine what factors Google will rank websites for in 2021. We also look at how content is valued by Google. By knowing these factors, you can improve them on your website to get high rankings in Google searches. So do not miss this article because it is one of the most important SEO course articles. To see the rest of the SEO articles on our website, you can visit this link. Also, if you like such free Tutorials about website design, webmastering, SEO, earning money, etc., be sure to register on our website. Well, let’s finish the introduction and go to our tutorial.

Many of the factors discussed in this article have been articulated by Google itself or by SEO experts around the world. Also, some of them are just a theory and we are not sure that they are 100% correct. As you know, there are nearly 2 billion active websites in the world and all of them are fighting for higher positions in search engines. So you know the importance of SEO and high rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Before we start with the influential factors in ranking, let me make a point.

Important factors for ranking websites by Google

google ads in search

As you can see in the picture above, the first sites are located in that section using Google ads and payment. The other sites that you see below are websites that are placed in this section for free and by competing and fighting with others. The price of Google ads is high and it is only economically justified when you have a good amount of revenue from visits. It is mostly used to sell products and services. Also, if you search naturally in the top rankings without ads, users will trust you more. I said this so that you do not get confused when checking the position of sites in Google.

The first is the domain

The first factor we look at today is the domain of the site. Longevity, site domain, is one of the factors that Google ranks sites according to. Of course, its importance is not very high, meaning that a site that is 1 year old is not much different from a site that is ten years old. But for example, a site that is ten years old, its credibility with Google is very high. It is also very effective if the keywords of your website are at the beginning of your domain name. The TLD type can also have a very small effect on user trust as a result of Google rankings.

On-page seo

The first important point is to put your keyword in the meta title. Surveys also show that if the keyword is at the beginning of the title, it has a greater impact than the end. In the next part, the description tag is important and you should write it in the best possible way. You also need to be very careful about which keywords you use to get the most out of your keywords. The most important heading is one. Do not forget the content length at all, the longer your content length, the better your chances of being ranked first in search engines. Google prefers articles that are long and well-explained in terms of content to content that is short in length and skimmed over the topic.

Using a table of contents can also help Google better understand your content. I want to add this item to my article soon :). The number of times you use keywords should be standard. It should not be too small or too much. Use keywords in your article with the right spacing and the right number. And many other on-page SEO tips that you know and I will not explain more than this.

Site speed and quality

All search engines including Yahoo, Google, Bing have made site speed one of the most important factors in ranking sites. If your site has a high speed, your chances of being seen in the top rankings will increase. High speed does not mean just buying high-speed and quality hosting. Of course, the most important thing is quality, but optimally, the site itself is very important. This means, for example, that the images used on the site are small and optimized and do not have a large size. Do not install too many plugins on the site to make it heavy. The CSS and JavaScript codes used on the site should be light so as not to slow down the site.

You should also consider optimizing your website for mobile phones. Heavy sites are extremely hard to load on smartphones. For this, you can use the AMP feature. By doing this, you can create a simple version of your website for mobile phones so that they can easily and quickly visit your website. As you know, today a very high percentage of Internet users visit sites with smartphones. So you have to prepare yourself for them and do not miss a significant percentage of the visit.

Content quality

As I write this article, in 2021, content quality is the most important and main factor for ranking sites. The more quality content you produce and the more content you have, the more traffic you will get to your website. The content you write should be completely relevant to the topic of the page and you should not use clickbait and deceptive titles. The content you publish should not be duplicated and you have used it before.

Note that if you copy the content of other sites, you have practically signed the death sentence of your website. Also note that if an article covers all the content on that topic and covers it completely, it is very valuable for Google. Don’t forget that the content is fresh, try to write content that is trendy and has a lot of users looking for it. We can even convince Google that we have up-to-date content by updating old content and slightly editing it.

Link building

This is the main difference between you and the big websites in the world.



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