Hello, dear users of the PinkPen website I hope you enjoy this article. One of the biggest problems for programmers and freelancers is mental health problems. Being alone and sitting at a desk for hours can cause many programmers to become depressed. Depression is one of the biggest mental health problems in today’s society. There are many physical and mental problems for programmers. In the past, we published an article on the proper exercises for programmers to avoid back pain and neck pain, and so on. If you spend a lot of time behind your desk, be sure to do the exercises in this article for the health of your body. In this article, we try to explain the ways to deal with depression and help you avoid it.

Very important point! This post is not medical advice and if you are planning to commit suicide or severe depression, contact your doctor right now.


A programming job, like any other job, has its risks and problems. Those programmers who work as a team and have a lively work environment are usually far from these problems. But those who live alone in their room and work as freelancers have a high percentage of these problems. Isolation and alienation from society and in many cases even living alone in an unattractive environment can be very problematic. Working at home has many benefits, but it also has its own problems. In this article, we are going to guide you with a few tricks and solutions to get rid of depression and live a happier and more energetic life. Note that we are not going to introduce you to pills and drugs and only natural ways such as exercise and so on. Well, let’s finish the introduction faster and get to the main point.

Mental illness and depression for programmers

Many diseases threaten the health of programmers and they must take care of them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

depression for programmers


It is one of the most common diseases in the world. Apart from programmers, many people in the world suffer from this problem. But programmers, webmasters, and freelancers are much more likely to get the disease because they are too lonely. Depression is so important today that it has been a major theme of World Health Day. You see even the happiest and most successful sitcom stars in the world who have contracted the disease and even committed suicide.


Having a deadline to do the project, creating many bugs, etc. has made this work very stressful. Also, freelancers may not have a job offer many times, and this unemployment and lack of money are very stressful for them. These stresses and other problems can cause you a lot of anxiety.

Control Freak

This life that you are constantly working with a robot and your whole life is zero and one makes you a Control Freak. For a program to have a good output, you must follow all the rules of that programming language and syntax and not make the slightest mistake to avoid errors. Doing this for a long time will make you have this problem in your personal life and want everything to be accurate without the slightest problem and want to control everything.


New technologies are coming every day and you have to dedicate yourself to them. Many times you are afraid of this, maybe the subject you specialize in will be completely obsolete. Also, you are always tired of learning and upset about the instability of life. These and other reasons can lead to Depression.

Blame yourself

In programming and site design, etc., it often happens that the output of the work is not what you want. Or freelancers do not get what customers and employers expect. Comparing your products with your competitors also makes you blame yourself. Increasing the customer base of competitors and other companies makes you feel guilty and hard on yourself.

Prevent depression for programmers

To avoid these problems mentioned above and the rest of the mental problems, read the rest of the article. Also, if you feel sad and have mild depression, this article can help you a lot. But if the depression is severe, be sure to see a doctor in person.

1.Build your community

It is true that freelancing is a lonely business and you do not need a colleague. But this isolation really has a bad effect on your mood. Form a friendly group with positive vibes and interact with each other. Talk to each other about your project while working. Or meet in your spare time in other cafes or restaurants and give each other positive energy. Avoid friendships with those who constantly give negative energy and moan because they will ruin your mood. Gathering this group is not a difficult task, just post on social media and invite others to come to your group.

Build your community

2.Do not forget exercise

Apart from the benefits, it has for the health of your body, exercise has a great impact on your mood and vitality. Numerous studies show that exercise is one of the best treatments for depression. We do not mean to prepare for the Olympics or to run a marathon. You should spend about 20 minutes to an hour a day walking, yoga, bodybuilding, cycling, or any sport you enjoy. Just make sure the exercise is part of your daily routine. Also, if you are overweight and therefore have low self-esteem, daily exercise will help you get fit.

Try to set a goal for yourself, for example, to lose a few pounds of weight this month. Try to set a goal for yourself, for example, to lose a few pounds of weight this month. Or if you are at a good weight, plan to build an athletic physique or increase your body flexibility. There is no greater pleasure than achieving the goals you set for yourself and striving for them. This action can bring joy to your life.

Exercise for programmers

3.Entertain yourself

Unemployment makes people think a lot and it makes you depressed. It often happens that employers do not hire you and you do not have a project to do. These vacancies can make you frustrated, so try to fill them with the things you love. Think and see what can entertain you. The best way to find out the answer to this question is to take a pen and paper. Then write down all the things you enjoy doing. You may not be very interested in doing something now that you are depressed, but try to write down the things you used to be interested in. Many activities can calm your soul and keep you entertained. Drawing, playing instruments, computer games, watching movies and series, etc.

Entertain yourself

4.Take nutrition seriously

Health nutrition is a direct path to body and soul health. Your body needs fuel when you want to get out of this severe depression. Do not forget to drink natural fruit juice because it will keep you fresh. Do not confuse the use of beverages with the consumption of sugary and harmful drinks. Also, drinking a few liters of water during the day can help you. Try to focus more on carbohydrates than sugars. Research has shown that people with high blood sugar and diabetes are more likely to be depressed. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. Natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. have a lot of inflammation that helps you relax. You can also look at delicious food from the culinary training section of our website.

5.Adequate sleep prevents depression

Most programmers and freelancers do not get enough sleep. Due to their flexible work schedule, they can sleep at any time of the day they like, but they often have poor quality sleep. Many times when you get close to your project deadline, you sleep less or stay up late. This damages both the health of your soul and the health of your body. Getting enough good sleep is important for staying healthy and has a profound effect on your brain and body systems. Lack of sleep will be unpleasant for you and will cause fatigue, discomfort, etc. during the day. So try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Few people can have an energetic day by sleeping less than this amount. So take care of your sleep

Adequate sleep prevents depression

6.Reduce your busyness

It is true that the more projects you have and the busier you are, the more successful you are as a programmer. But be aware that this busy schedule will hurt you. Freelancers are constantly looking for more customers to make more money. This overwork can make you both physically tired and depressed. But from somewhere, it makes you tired and no longer interested in continuing. So it is better to reduce the amount of your work a little, but continue it permanently and in perfect health until you work for a long time and then you have various problems and you can not continue. So try not to bother yourself as much as possible.

Reduce your busyness

7.Meditation to relieve depression

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It was more common among monks and saints in the past, but today most people use it. According to a study by countless scientists in this field, meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective non-drug ways to treat depression. Research on people who have used meditation has shown that the left side of their brain is more active. People with more active left brains are happier people. You do not need to work as a nun for 4-5 hours to see the effectiveness of meditation. Only 15 to 20 minutes can make you feel better and more relaxed.

Meditation for depression

8.Enter into an emotional relationship

Many depressions are due to the loneliness of programmers and freelancers. Creating a romantic relationship and spending time with your partner can greatly change your mood. It also gives purpose to your life and increases your life expectancy. Of course, try to choose an energetic and fresh partner as much as possible to improve your mood. But be careful because a love failure can be the worst thing that can happen to you in this situation. I repeat, if you have severe depression or do not intend to commit suicide, this article will not work for you, and see a doctor immediately. This article is suitable for people who have a very small amount of the disease or do not want to get it.

freelancers prevent depression

9.Keep pets

One of the main problems for freelancers and programmers is that they are isolated and live alone. As I write this article, I have lived alone for a very long time. One or more pets will make you not feel lonely and spend time with them. Animals give us a sense of care and communication, which is completely anti-loneliness and depression. For example, scientific research has shown that keeping a dog makes you feel less depressed and anxious. Dear programmers and webmasters, we have put a section on our website that teaches you how to keep different pets. You can refer to this page from this link.

pet for webmaster

10.Do not make very important decisions

If your depression is severe, reduce the important decisions in your life. When a person is not in a good mental state, he may make wrong decisions. In this situation, your discernment is very low, which makes you make wrong decisions. Try to heal yourself first and then move on to your life decisions. Wrong decisions can make you more upset. It is common for depressed people to make decisions such as selling a house, buying an expensive car, migrating to another country, getting a divorce, and so on, many of which have been wrong. In this situation, you can get help from your friends and consult with them.

dont decisions when you are depressed

11.Get rid of alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs may make you feel happy in the short term, but they can be very problematic in the long run. After a few months, your problems will multiply and your depression will be much greater. So if you are addicted to them, please leave them or if you do not use them, never go to them. Tobacco and cigarettes are also harmful to you. Put them aside if you can.

12.Read more books

Reading books can relax your mind. Also, reading books on treating depression and increasing motivation can help you. There are many books written on these topics that can help you a lot. You can find them with a simple Google search.

13.Gardening helps

Buying a few flowers and plants and adding to the room space apart from cleaning the room air will make your mood good. Adding herbs improves your home’s fan drainage. Also, taking care of them and watering them will make you feel better about yourself. You also fill your free time with them.

14.Do not forget your dreams

Remember when we were kids we often lived our dreams and we were very happy. So do not give up dreaming about your future and pursue your dreams. When we are depressed, we stop dreaming and are not very optimistic about the future. Of course, try to choose more realistic dreams, and the most important part is to plan to achieve them and try to make your future like your dreams.



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