Hello dear users of the Pinkpen website, I hope you have a good time in your second home. After many requests from you to teach us how to get free quality backlinks in the comments section of our website and social networks, we decided to publish an article about this for you. If you want to become an SEO expert, this article can help you a lot. After publishing content, getting quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in optimizing websites.

I will not explain more about the importance of backlinks because you all definitely know their value. In this article, we will first explain what backlinks are, then we will introduce their types. After that, we will teach you how to understand if it is a quality backlink? And at the end, which is the main part of the article, we will teach you ways to get free backlinks. Well, I will not prolong the introduction and go to the training.

What is a backlink?

A short definition is actually a link that is given to your site from another site. This means that users of another website will be directed to your site from another site by clicking on a text, photo, video, button, etc. You may also have heard the word link building a lot. This process of getting links from other websites is called link building. One of the most important factors in ranking websites by search engines is these backlinks. Of course, search engines calculate many factors for ranking. The exact effect of backlinks is not known, but it is certainly one of the most important. You will not find any website on the first page of Google that has performed poorly in this regard.

What is the importance of backlinks in SEO?

Backlink reflects the credibility and value of your website for search engines. When other websites link to you, depending on the type of backlink, they will transfer their credit to your website. So it is not just the number of backlinks that matters, their quality, and relevance to the topic of your website are also important and influential. Also, apart from the credit that your website gives, Google uses these backlinks to find new pages. Google follows these paths and indexes new pages and websites. When you get backlinks from other websites, Google counts you as a reference that other websites use you.

Types of backlinks

In terms of credit transfer, backlinks are divided into two categories. I will explain them to you in the following.

1.Do-Follow Backlink

2.no-Follow Backlink

I do not want to complicate this for you and I will explain very quickly. When we use the do-follow backlink, we transfer the credibility of our site to the site to which we link. And when we use the No-follow backlink, we tell the search engines not to transfer any credit to that website. So as you may have noticed Do-Follow Backlinks are more valuable but not all of your links should be like this. If all your backlinks are Do-Follow, search engines will find you as spammers. So be sure to create some no-Follows backlinks.

How to recognize the quality of backlink

This topic is very broad and we will definitely write a separate article for it. You can follow our new articles on Website Optimization and backlink from this section. In this article, we will give a brief overview. As you know, a high-quality backlink can help your website SEO and improve your position. A poor backlink can also hurt you a lot. In the following, we will examine the features of quality backlinks.

1.Credibility of the linking site

One of the most important factors in a backlink is the credibility of the website from which you backlink. In ordinary language, imagine that a famous and reputable person introduces something, or an ordinary person introduces something, or a bad person introduces something. Definitely, the more famous and large the site, the more important it is. So try to get backlinks from more reputable sites as much as possible, rather than getting a lot of low-quality or regular backlinks.

To check the power of a website, you can check the domain authority of that website. To see its value, you can visit Moz and Ahrefs websites, which simply display the domain authority of the websites. This value is between 0 and 100, and newly established websites usually score 1, and large, older websites are over 80. Increasing this score is very time-consuming and simply cannot be increased.

2.Variety in anchor text backlinks

The word or phrase that is used to link to your website is called anchor text. To build links in a standard and professional way, you must choose the right keywords. You can link your brand name, your website URL, your main keyword, etc. A very common mistake is to get too many backlinks with your main keyword. This will make search engines like Google fine you.

3.Check the number of external links

Note that each link that leaves the page takes some of the credibility of that page with it. So if there are a lot of external links on that page, that page is no longer of high value. Websites that have a lot of outbound links are called link farms and are completely worthless. So as much as possible, try to get links from websites that have fewer outbound links and are more pristine.

4.The relevance of the topic

This is very important. Imagine a mechanic comes to you and gives you medical advice. Do you listen to him? Definitely not. But for example, when a trusted doctor recommends a pill or medicine to you, you use it immediately. As much as possible, try to get links from websites that are in your field of work. For example, if your website is a restaurant, getting backlinks from websites that teach cooking will be very effective. Likewise, getting backlinks from a website about the building is useless and harmful to your restaurant website.

5.Check Spam Score

the spam score is a score that shows the amount of unprincipled and wrong activities of websites. The lower the percentage, the better the website. Do not get backlinks from high-scoring websites because it will hurt you a lot. Various factors affect this score. Such as the number of pages of a website, the content of its articles, poor quality links, etc. You can check the spam score of websites from Moz and Ahref websites.

6.Backlink location

What area of the page the backlink is on affects its quality. On each page of the website, we have several different sections such as header, sidebar, main content, footer, etc. If your link is in the main content, it will have the most positive impact on your website SEO. After that, the higher the link, the more effective it is and obviously being in the footer is the least valuable.

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How to get free High-quality backlinks

Well, we got to the main part of our content. In this section, we try to teach you the best and safest ways to get a free backlink. Excessive activity in any of these methods and getting backlinks will result in you being fined. So always try to be balanced and do not overdo it.

1.Social bookmarks

Most of the backlinks you get from social bookmarks are no-follow but have high value. When you publish new content, it takes a long time for it to be indexed in Google and find a good position in searches. Social bookmark backlinks help you index your new content in Google much faster. A social bookmark is a social network where users store the addresses of their favorite pages or share them with other users.

All you have to do is put a summary of each new article you publish on your website in Social bookmarks and put a link to your article at the end. Social media signals will be very useful to make your link-building process look natural and Google will not penalize you. Since social networks are made up of people, you can introduce your website and your content to people, and this is not considered a violation by Google. Here are 4-5 sites that have a high authority domain. If you need more, you can do a Google search. There are countless sites in this area.

Example: medium, Diigo, Flipboard, Reddit, myspace

2.Profile backlinks

Profile backlinks

Many sites have user pages for their users. This means that each user on that website has a dedicated profile page. If the website in question allows you to place a link on your profile page, it means that you have received a profile backlink. You should be very careful in getting profile backlinks because if you make a mistake in this way, harmful damage will be done to your website. Because the domain authority of this model of backlinks is very high, try not to overdo it. For example, one profile backlink per week is enough, and more than this can be dangerous for you.

When choosing this type of backlink, you should pay attention to the amount of domain authority and spam score on the site. Also, check if the links are either do-follow or no-follow. At the beginning of this article, we talked about how to recognize quality backlinks. To get the URL of these websites, search Google for profile backlinks.

3.Comment Backlinks

When you write a comment on a website and then in the site section, you write your website address, usually your name is linked to your site. As you can see, getting these backlinks is very quick and easy. Therefore, they do not have a very high quality and one should not expect much from them. Of course, this method still works and if used properly can be very valuable. In order not to be fined and also to have a high impact on this method, you must pay attention to the following points.

First, refrain from commenting on worthless websites with high spam scores and leave comments only on valuable and powerful sites. Only comment on websites related to the subject of your website and strongly avoid posting on irrelevant websites. Only provide links to the home page of your website and avoid linking to your products and articles. Write your name in the comments section to look natural. Strictly avoid putting keywords or your site name.

The most important part is the comment text you send to that website. In this section, you should not write promotional texts or define your website. Advertising comments can make you a spammer and penalize you. So you have to write a comment completely related to that article, and of course you should not write short sentences like a good post. The last point is not to start suddenly, leave a lot of comments and do not stop it suddenly. Post your comments on various websites on a regular basis.

4.Get backlinks from government sites

Getting .gov quality backlinks can greatly help your website SEO and improve your position in search engines. gov is a high-level, valuable domain that ordinary users cannot register. This domain is only for government agencies and governments. You must have special permissions to register these domains. They are much more valid than domains like net, com and org that are available to all users. When you are introduced to search engines by governments or the government, you will definitely gain more credibility. A few gov quality backlinks can greatly enhance your website SEO. Of course, it is very difficult to get this type of backlinks and you should be very lucky to get it.

5.Edu backlinks

One of the most valuable and powerful types of backlinks is the same educational and university backlinks. Most of these websites have a high authority domain. Like the government backlinks we described above, they also need their own permissions to register. It is very useful if you can get backlinks from educational websites related to your topic. University and educational websites are usually very old and have received quality links. Therefore, in general, they can be said to be very valuable. They are also very strict in giving links to other websites and that is why their spam score is appropriate. You can get backlinks from these sites by various methods such as publishing an article, writing an article about that university, interviewing members of that university, commenting, and so on.

7.Don’t forget blogs

Another way to get backlinks for free is through blogs. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether this method is still worthwhile. Our answer is yes, but it is less credible than in the past. The method is, for example, to create ten blogs from different services on the topic related to your website. For example, if the topic of your website is SEO, you can create blogs with topics such as SEO training, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, website speed, backlinks, etc. Be careful in choosing blogging websites. Choose those that have high domain authority and also transfer their credibility to your blog.

The most important part of this method is the production of content for blogs. Do not use duplicate content in any way, otherwise your blogs will have no value. For example, try to update your blog on a weekly basis with up-to-date and quality content. Once blogs are well established, you can link to your websites and mention them in your articles. One thing you can do as a trick is that you can link to your website in an article next to two big companies. By doing this, it tells the search engines that your website is as valuable as those big companies.

8.Get free backlinks from forums

Getting backlinks in forums has several benefits. I repeat several times to use a website that is relevant to your topic. You can get a lot of views from the forums by publishing useful content and meeting the needs of users. Like yourself, you may have come to this article from one of the forums. If you can turn these visits into loyal users of your website can be very beneficial for you. Also, by posting new content of your website in these forums, you will help your website content to be indexed faster in Google.

Almost all forums have outbound links, so you can not count on their credibility. Almost all forums have no-follow output links, so you can not count on their credibility. But you can also browse forums that give Do-Follow Backlink to their users. It is impossible to be active in all forums. So as much as possible, try to find the most used and relevant forums in the subject of your website and work in 3-4 of them.

9.Guest Post

In this way, as a guest author, you publish content on more powerful websites, and at the end of the article, you put a link to your website. You should put a strong and non-copy article on your related website and introduce yourself as a reference at the end. Google has repeatedly warned you to be careful in this way. Search engines welcome high quality guest posts. But they also penalize guest posts that are duplicate and have annoying links. Search for “guest post” + your subject matter and you will have access to the list of websites that publish your articles.


In this way, a program or robot automatically comments on websites, posts in forums, and generates other backlinks for you. This method may be very simple and will quickly generate a lot of backlinks for you, but here I tell you not to do it. Making lots of links by bots introduces you to a clear example of spam to search engines and causes your website to be penalized quickly. Google has repeatedly stated its opposition to this method and it is not recommended at all.

Well, this article ends here, but do not worry, this article will be updated soon and new content will be included in it. If you have a comment or question, you can simply post it in the comments section and we will respond immediately.



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