Hello, dear users of the Pink Pen website. I hope you have a good day. In this article, we want to teach you methods and tips that you can use to increase your website traffic through the Linkedin social network. LinkedIn has more than half a billion users and is a great resource for getting a lot of visitors.

You might think that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have more users than LinkedIn. But note that users of other social networks for fun and surfing in them. Also, LinkedIn users who work for business, science, and knowledge, succeed in their jobs. So even when it has fewer members, it is more productive and helps to increase your website traffic. Well, you probably already know the importance of this social network. Let’s read other tips that will help us learn how to succeed in this social network and get a lot of traffic.

Linkedin groups are very influential

Linkedin groups

If you do not have many followers and friends on Linkedin the best way to get traffic is to join groups. There are many users in the groups that you can connect with them. Many people from all over the world gather in a group because of a specific and common theme. So all groups are completely targeted and have a very high value. Be careful not to join all groups and do not post your content everywhere. Try to join only groups that are related to the topic of your site and your business.

You do not have a difficult way to reach these groups. All you have to do is select a group in the search field and then search for your topic and you will reach your group list. Be careful not to be identified as a spammer on Linkedin. Be useful in groups and share information with others and help other group members. This will make you a user trusted by other users and then you can advertise your products with the best efficiency.

You can also create your own group after a while. No one is more trusted than the group manager. Also because your group is your rules and you can only advertise yourself in that group. Of course, do not forget that being a group manager has its responsibilities. You should show the contents of the rest of the reactions, answer the questions and remove the spammers from the group.

Publish content and articles

Publish content linkedin

Well, after you have registered on this social network and completed your profile, and you can communicate with a large number of users, now is the time to publish the content. Publishing content is practically useless if your page does not look professional and is not well completed, or even if you do not interact with other users. So first complete your infrastructure then follow the story.

Well, if you have made your page professional, the most important part is publishing content on your Linkedin page. It is very important to continue publishing content. If you can put two articles a week on LinkedIn, it will attract many users to your page. Also, more users will respond to your content. The algorithms of this social network also show your article to more users. After a few months, check your statistical data to see what kind of content has received the most responses from users. Then try to produce more articles in the same style and subject. To write a good article, the image of the article is very important. An attractive image will make many users interested in reading your article.

Video content is a trump card. Statistics and studies show that articles with video have received 5 to 10 times more views than other content. So if you have the conditions, try to produce a video for your articles.

There is a lot of content published in other major social networks such as Facebook, Reddit, etc. but this is not the case on LinkedIn. All you have to do is write an interesting headline about an article on your website first. Then write an introduction to your website post after that. Then use phrases that make users eager to read the rest of the article on your website. Put a link to your website post at the end to direct a large number of users to your website.

Create a professional look for your Linkedin page

Look professional LinkedIn

First of all, to work in this social network, you need to create an account for yourself. Then you can create a page for your website and brand. For example, the link on the page of our website is that you can see that by clicking on the link. To access the latest website news and support us, be sure to follow this page. Thanks 🙂

Well, after you have created your page, you should try to make it look professional. Note that there are many pages, websites, and competitors in your field. You need to differentiate yourself from them in order to attract users to you. If you do not complete your LinkedIn page well, you will not be able to get a user. Try to complete your account information as much as possible and do not leave any fields blank. Put a banner that is appropriate and beautiful and completely related to your work topic at the top of the page. Also, put your logo as a profile picture. Do not forget to put your website address and social networks on the page so that all your efforts are not wasted :).

Always follow the conversations of community people related to your topic to be informed of the daily news, the most visited topics of the day. Then publish articles on these popular topics of the day and answer users’ questions. Answering the main questions of the users will make you the captain of the ship. Users consider you as a reliable source to answer their questions. This will make you look like a professional and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Do not underestimate LinkedIn influencers in any way. If you can interact with them and become a trusted brand, you will gain a lot of credibilities. Leave a comment for them, send a private message, and try to get their attention. If you do not succeed in this, you can ask them to promote your brand by paying a fee. Their fans and followers listen to them a lot and this makes you look like a professional.

Publish your successful portfolio

If you have a company that produces products and offers them to users, take this section seriously. For example, if you are a web design company, or you do graphic work, video editing, etc., or even a physical product, this part is very important. Users view your LinkedIn page before clicking on your website link. You have the opportunity to create a good first impression before they enter your website. Put your successful portfolios on the page to delight your visitors. Also, ask your customers to put positive comments on your page. But be careful not to ruin your reputation by posting fake comments and praising yourself.

Features and tools of LinkedIn

There are many tools to optimize your account as well as increase your page followers. Some of these tools are inside the website itself and some of them are external and must be provided separately. There are many Chrome extensions, Android and iOS applications, etc. that you can find with a simple search. They can automatically send a message directly to users who visit your page and invite them to visit your website. And many other possibilities and this was just a simple example. Don’t forget LinkedIn Pulse, it can help you a lot. This will help you to increase the views of your post 10 to 15 times and also get more likes and comments.

Well, thank you for being with us until the end of the article, I hope you liked it and it will be useful for you. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to write in the comments, our experts will answer you. Also, from this link, you can register for free at the webmasters’ home and use the free services of our website.



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