Hello to the most beloved users in the world, users of the PinkPen site. I hope you had a good day. We are at your service again with another article about earning money and programming. If you are familiar with programming languages such as Php, Python, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and you do not earn money online or earn money this way You are low, you are losing a lot. You live in an age where even your grandfather has a smartphone and uses different apps, shopping online, listening to music, and doing thousands of other things. So you know the value of programming and given a large number of projects, you need to partner with more of this business and have a high income. There are many interesting ways to earn money online using programming.

If you have been learning to program for some time but have not been able to make money from it. Or you have not yet learned to program and you are exploring ways to earn money from programming. Or you are even looking to increase your income and find a second job next to your job, congratulations you are on the right track. In this article, we are going to look at the best ways to make money with coding in 2021 so that you can make the best decision. Ok, let’s not prolong the introduction too long and go to the article.

Launch the Programming Blog

This is the method I’m using right now, and you’re reading content on my blog. Right now, wherever you go, you are told to quickly set up your blog and make money, etc. But this method still works. Of course, note that blogging is not a way to make money soon and it takes time. If you are interested in writing, be sure to try this method. After a while, you can earn money from your programming blog in different ways. I will write a separate article on how to make money from a programming blog. But if I want to summarize, you can monetize your programming blog in the following ways.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Programming Products
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Selling Your Own Code
  4. Coaching Beginner Coders
  5. Gaining a customer
  6. Google Adsense
  7. Get a full-time or freelance job
  8. And hundreds of other ways

If you think that setting up a blog will cost you a lot or you do not know how to create a programming blog for yourself, do not worry at all. We will teach you how to create a personal blog for free on Pink Pan. If you do not want to miss these useful and free training, be sure to register on our site from this link.

There are so many things to say about this that it becomes several separate articles. But in short, you need to get a little familiar with SEO to design your blog SEO-friendly and user-friendly. This will make your blog more popular with search engines like Google and get more views. In the next step, you should try to turn the obtained visits into your customers. This part is very important. The more visitors you have and the higher your conversion rate, the higher your revenue.

Before concluding this topic, if you are interested in writing, you do not need to create a programming website for yourself. You can work for the bloggers of big blogs and get paid for every article you write for them. This method has both no initial cost and is more efficient soon.


This title may deceive you into thinking that freelancing is only for those who hate big business and machine life and live like hippies. No, the situation is different and many professional programmers work as freelancers. This method is very suitable for those who like to earn money in their house and room and do not leave the house. In this way, you are not limited to time and place, and you earn money at any time and any place you want. It is also very suitable as a second job, for example, if you work for a company as a programmer, you can devote your free time to doing freelance projects.

The most important advantage of this method is that it is online and you can get customers from all over the world. You will get more customers than physical activity in your city. Of course, the competition is also very high. You need to compete with other developers for project ownership and offer a better price and quality to the employer. Fortunately, at the time of writing, there are many freelancing websites out there. You can easily get a project on these websites and make money from your programming. Compare freelancing websites and work on some of the best ones.

To increase your chances of earning a project on these websites, you need to professionalize the look of your account. Set beautiful and professional portfolios and enter your skills in the best way. Try to do your first job well to get a lot of positive feedback from employers. This will make them trust your account more. I have already written an article on how to be a successful freelancer, if you are interested in this way of earning money, be sure to read this article.

Create Programming Tutorials

At the beginning of the article, I talked about the importance of programming in 2021. I do not need to repeat it because we all know its importance. Many people around the world are looking for and paying for learning different programming languages. Generating various tutorial videos on programming seems like a smart way to make money. There are several ways to do this. You can teach for free on YouTube or sell your videos on websites like Udemy. It’s totally up to you. I have just started and I am posting various tutorials on YouTube. This is my YouTube channel link, I will be happy if you subscribe to me :). Thanks.

By posting a video on YouTube and reaching their minimum requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, you can earn money for each time your video is shown. The amount paid per visit is different and depends on the subject of the video, the country of the visitor, the age of the visitor, and so on. The subject of programming has a high CPM, so it has a good income on YouTube. Also, try to get visitors from the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world, because YouTube pays more for visitors to those countries.

The good thing about this method is that launching a YouTube channel is completely free and at no cost. Of course, providing the necessary facilities for filming etc. costs money, but you do not need these professional tools in the beginning. You can start with the simple tools available to you and use professional tools as your fan base grows. You can easily shoot videos from your laptop screen with various software and produce programming training videos. also, You can record short videos for Intro and Otro with your mobile phone so that more users can connect with you. Record your voice with a Headphone or mobile phone. Then edit your videos using various movie editing software such as Adobe Premiere and ….

And many other ideas that do not require much money and you can do with your creativity. Then, after the number of your subscribers increased and your income increased, you can get a professional microphone, an expensive camera, lighting, and so on.

You can use different websites in this field to sell your training videos. To find a list of these sites, just do a Google search. You can also sell your training packages in programming forums. If you know digital marketing, your sales will go up a lot and you will make a good profit. Don’t forget social media marketing. It is also possible that different companies and schools will hire you as a teacher.

Build and sell website templates and plugins

More than 50% of the world’s websites use CMS. As a result, there are many customers in the world to buy various CMS templates and plugins such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Take this way of making money very seriously because, for example, WordPress templates have a lot of customers and are willing to pay good money for quality templates. You see a lot of templates that are priced at $ 100 and have sold for several thousand :). Can you calculate their profits without a calculator? So take content management systems very seriously.

There are many websites where you can sell your plugins and templates. These websites work in such a way that you put your plugin and template on these sites for sale and for each sale that is done on these sites, they charge you a percentage as a commission. The most famous of these websites are CodeCanyon, Templatemonster, etc. In my own future plans, we will soon produce several WordPress templates in collaboration with several other programmers

Write an e-book

If you did not know by now, yes, everyone can easily write an e-book and sell it. As a second income, it might be great to write a book on any programming topic. Of course, there are many who write books as their main work. You might think that no one will read a book in 2021, and if someone wants to learn to program, they will look for training on YouTube, Udemy, etc. You may be right, but if someone wants to start programming seriously, they will definitely buy the book. There are many sites where you can sell your book, such as Amazon Kindle, Blurb, Smashwords, etc.

Record a podcast

Create your own programming podcast. The number of podcast listeners is increasing day by day and you can have a share in this industry. Making money this way is very simple and you just have to increase your audience. If your visitors increase, the sponsorship will come to you and pay you for advertising them. You do not need a lot of features and tools to make a podcast, just a medium microphone and audio editing software is enough. Record and edit your podcast with a microphone, then publish it in podcast player applications. Note that the programming podcasts are not numerous and have not yet been incorporated. You can easily gather a whole lot of fans if you produce a quality podcast.

Develop mobile application

You may think that producing applications for Android and iOS is a difficult task. But today, there are many simple programming languages for building mobile applications that you can easily create an application for yourself with a few days of study. There is also a lot of software that you can design a mobile application with any programming language you know. You can easily create Android and iOS applications with HTML, C ++, Python, C #, JavaScript, and any language you could not think of. After developing your application, you can put it in Google Play, App Store, and other application download sites. There are different ways to earn money, you can put your app for sale, put ads in it, create VIP users, put a series of more features in exchange for payment, and …

Participate in coding contests

If you are strong in algorithms and interested in solving difficult and complex problems, this is the best choice. You can participate in these competitions in your free time, either in person or online. By winning these competitions, you can get many cash prizes. Also, large companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. often hire many programmers from within these competitions. It can not be looked at much as a way to earn money. But it is very suitable for filling leisure time. Especially if you are interested in competition and excitement.

And there are other ways to monetize programming that you can create with your own creativity. If you know of other ways that are not on this list, be sure to write in the comments. Take care of yourself, goodbye



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