You must have seen MrBeast videos and you are amazed by its crazy giveawayS.

You often see that he gives people a house, a car, a lot of money, etc. You must have asked yourself how much MrBeast earns ??

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In this article, we want to examine the amount of MrBeast income very quickly.

 A good incentive for you who are just starting to make money on YouTube.

How Much Money Does MrBeast Make

MRBEAST earns money in many different ways

The first and most important of them is YouTube.

he has 6 channels, as you can see here

The main channel, the gaming channel, and the react channel have higher views than the others

I have gathered the views of the last 30 days of these six channels together

On average, it is something between 700 and 900 million views

If he earns an average of $ 2 to $ 3 per thousand views

It can be concluded that in the worst case, it earns $ 1.4 million per month, and in the best case, $ it earns 2.7 million only from YouTube.

But, now that I’m recording this video, Jimmy has not posted a video on his main channel for more than a month.

He tweeted that he could not make a new video because of covid. We hope he gets better soon

If he puts the video on his main channel, this income will go up

Well, this is just MrBeast revenue from YouTube.

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Another way for MrBeast to make money is to sell T-shirts and sweatshirts, which make a lot of money.

You also saw in his video that every video has a sponsor. These sponsors also pay him a lot of money.

In some videos, he also takes donates. Amounts that have even gone up to $ 20 million in some videos.

He also owns a hamburger brand and will make a significant income from it.

And there are many other ways for Jimmy to make money that we really can’t calculate.

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