PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for site design. In this tutorial, we tried to teach you PHP in a simple language, step by step and from the ground up.

What is a PHP programming language?

This programming language is completely open-source and object-oriented. You can use it to easily create a website and application for yourself. PHP is so popular because it is a high-level language, but it is simpler than other languages. Note that you need a series of prerequisites to learn it. You should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming languages. Do not worry at all if you do not know because we will teach you for free at Pinkpen.net. You can access our free tutorials from these links (HTML, CSS, and javascript).

Contrary to what you may have in mind, PHP is actually the same as the HTML file, but it is more advanced. For example, we brought you the first PHP code. The name of this coding language is derived from the phrase “Hypertext Preprocessor”. This language is completely free and open-source and you can easily download it. This language is mostly used in servers.

echo "hello world!";

What is a php file and script?

Hypertext Preprocessor files may contain one or more HTML files, one or more .css files, or JavaScript files, and .php files. The front-end files (HTML, CSS, javascript) are actually the appearance of the site and are displayed in the browser. But PHP files are related to the back-end and are server-side.

Why do we use this programming language?

Because this language can easily open, close, edit, delete and add files on the server. This language also helps a lot in managing website cookies. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this language is that it is very reactive. You can use it on all our operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.). It can also be easily used on all servers today. This language is completely free, download PHP from this link now.

Never forget that WordPress “The Most Popular Content Management System” is built with this language. Also, large sites such as Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. are written in this language.


Are you kidding me? Do you really care what the history of this language is or in what year was it invented? This is not a high school to teach you useless and boring things. On this site, you only learn the points that are needed and useful to you, and as much as possible, we tried not to give too much introduction and go to the main point. Well, so far you are familiar enough with PHP. In the next article, we will start learning this language.



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