Hello, lovely users of the PinkPen website. Welcome to the second home of programmers and webmasters. In this article, we want to introduce some of the most famous and largest YouTubers who teach programming. As you know, YouTube is the largest video publishing website and one of the most used social networks in 2021. You can simply become a professional by going to the YouTube website and seeing the programming and website design tutorials. And of course, the most important point is that all these training are free :). Thanks to the lovely YouTube creator.

Of course, we will write another article for you on where and which YouTube channel to start each programming language and how to practice to become a professional in it. But in this article, we are going to introduce you to just a few of the most famous YouTubers so that you can get acquainted with them. If your favorite YouTuber is not on this list, be sure to introduce it in the comments so I can add it to this list. Also, if you are doing this yourself, advertise yourself in the comments 🙂 I will not delete it.

The first CS Dojo channel

YouTube YK cs dojo

This channel contains many instructional videos about Python, JavaScript, data structure, algorithms, etc. that you can use for free. It also talks about how to learn to program and become a programmer, employer interviews, and more. The channel is hosted by YK, who lives in Canada and is studying at The University of British Columbia. Well, this was the first person on our YouTubers list. But being the first does not mean the best, and this list is randomly numbered.

One of the best YouTubers is Michael (Webmasters home)

webmasters home

I was joking friends :). This is my YouTube channel, I will be very happy if you subscribe to it. In this channel, I produce videos on various topics, tutorials in Html, css, javascript, PHP, etc. I will also teach you how to become a YouTube user and increase your YouTube channel traffic. Other topics that we talk about a lot are SEO and website optimization. Soon I will post a lot of videos on how to increase the site’s ranking in Google searches.

We will also teach zero to one hundred template designs for websites in different languages. And all the other videos with the topics of making money online, Google Adsense, webmaster, and … So be sure to subscribe to my channel. By clicking on this link, you will become a member of my channel. Well, let’s go to the introduction of other YouTubers

The next channel is Treehouse

This channel is for the Treehouse team, who are very active in the field of programming training. They also sell various packages and courses on their website. Most programming languages, including Python and C #, are taught in this channel. I hope the videos on this channel are useful for you. Let’s go to the introduction of other YouTubers.


This channel is also one of the largest channels in the field of programming and has one and a half million subscribers. If you want to start new programming, this channel is the best choice for you. There are over a thousand videos in this channel to teach programming to beginners. Android and iOS programming training, C ++, Python, C, etc. are available in this channel. This channel and programmingKnowledge website are for Yogesh Patel.


This channel is more about site design. If you are interested in becoming a website developer, this channel can be very useful for you. In this channel, there are many tutorials about JavaScript, jQuery, etc. The owner of this channel is Will Stern, who has made many videos for you and is available to you for free. At the time of writing, this channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers.


This channel is also one of the most famous. It has more than two and a half million subscribers and has many fans. The main topic of this channel is web design programming. They are active in both front and back. This channel is hosted by Bucky Roberts.



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