If you are a beginner in SEO or have learned experimentally, when you look at Search engine optimization articles and tutorials, it is as if you are reading in Spanish 🙂

In this article, we will define most of the SEO terms you need to learn Search engine optimization. This is a list of 50 essential search engine optimization terms you need to know to improve your site. Ok, let’s not waste time anymore and go to the words.


This is the part of SEO that is done within the site itself and is one of the most important parts of it. In short, optimizing your website pages. On-page includes publishing quality contacts, optimizing tags, titles, heading, images, keywords, etc.


Work is done outside the website for optimization, which includes strengthening branding, advertising on social networks, link building, etc.

website Usability

One of the most important SEO factors is how much easier users can work with the site and come up with the site in all resolutions, browsers, and operating systems without any problems.

Black Hat SEO

Website optimization methods that are contrary to the offer of search engines and are very risky and the site may be penalized, but the speed of success is much faster.


The titles of your website are from h1 to h6 and the most important of them is h1 and gradually their importance decreases.

Internal Link

Linking to another page of the same website, for example linking to the site store from the main page, or linking from one contact to another contact on the same site

white Hat SEO

Google-approved site optimization methods take more time, but there is no risk of penalizing the site.

Indexed Pages

Search engines like Google approve and store pages, called Indexed Pages


No-follow is an attribute value for links that tells the search engine we do not want our site credit to be transferred to this link


It is the opposite of the above term and we transfer the credibility of our site to the link.

Backlinks in seo

One of the most important SEO factors. A backlink is created when some other website is linking to your website. This means that the other website mentions you as a reliable source and gives credibility to your site.


Visits to your website.


One of the important points in SEO is competitors. Competitors are companies that work in your field and offer similar products or services to you. Websites that appear in your keywords in Google search are also considered your competitors, even if they are not active in that industry.

Domain Authority

An overall score on the power of websites and domains about link building. You do not get this credibility and strength overnight at all, and the score you see is the result of months and years. This score, which was first announced by Moz, is between 0 and 100, and the higher your score, the more credit you have.


In fact, the article you are currently reading is content. All the paragraphs, images, videos, etc. that you see in the posts of the websites are called content. One of the main parameters of search engines for evaluating websites is content. So always try to publish quality content.

Featured Snippet

To the box at the top of Google searches and put query questions about the searched keyword. The answers to these questions are often given with a link or a video from YouTube. Try to write your articles in such a way that you are in this list because the position of this list in search engines is zero. That means higher than all websites !!



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