Hello dear, welcome to a new article from the PinkPen website. At the time of writing, nearly 4 billion smartphones are active and in use in the world. And the huge number that is difficult to calculate, economic activity has been done with these smartphones. I hope you have realized the high importance of Android programming according to these statistics. So when you are reading this article, it means that you are on the right path. If you want to become an Android developer or you want to order an Android app for your company, do not miss this article in any way.

In this article, we want to compare the most important and most widely used Android programming languages so that you can choose the best language for yourself. One version cannot be wrapped for everyone and it can be said that this language is better for everyone. You need to choose a programming language based on your previous knowledge, your goals for learning programming, your interests and talents, and so on. Well, let’s finish the introduction and go to the programming languages

What is the Android programming language?

Android is an open-source operating system and one of the best, strongest, most popular, and most used mobile operating systems in the world. More than 54% of the world’s smartphones use this operating system. Programming languages are used so that we can build applications for this operating system. These applications are used for communication, information retrieval, entertainment, daily needs, business, etc. You can earn a decent income by becoming a professional programmer.

The main Android programming language is Java

java android programming languages

Whenever we talk about Android programming and application development, the first name we hear is Java. One of its main strengths is Google’s support for it, and the many documents that Google has published will help you get a lot of information from it. Most of the apps on Google Play are made in this language. Java is a high-level language designed and developed by James Gosling in 1995. it is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. Java is designed to be independent of architecture. This allows programmers to write a program once and run it on any operating system. This means that any program written in Java can be used on all operating systems that support Java. In terms of programmer searches, Java ranks highest and has the most searches in recent years.

As you know, the Android operating system itself is made with Java, so you can use the maximum features of Android. One of the problems with this language is its complexity. But you can become more professional with more activity and more research and differentiate yourself from other programmers. One of the reasons this language is so popular is because of its complexity, which challenges programmers.

Kotlin language

kotlin Android programming languages

Kotlin is another language we use to develop Android applications. This language was developed according to the needs of Android programmers and developers to eliminate Java violations and bugs. This language is completely open-source and if I want to show you how fast and simple it is, I would say that: You can write 500 lines of Java code with 50 lines of Kotlin code. Kotlin’s language is very simple and understandable. Because of its simple syntax, the language is much less complex. This is why many programmers prefer it to Java because it takes much less time to produce projects. But the problem is that this language is very young and was created in 2011. There is still a lot that can be done with Java that Kotlin does not support.

C and C ++ android programming languages

Well, in the continuation of our articles, we came to this programming language. You were probably surprised to see this name, but I have to tell you yes, you can also create applications for the Android operating system with c++. And more interesting than that you can use Android Studio. In Android Studio, you can use C and C ++ codes using NDK. With this language, you can have much more control over your memory. It is especially useful for heavy and large projects because you can eliminate additional and unused functions so that the output application is optimized. And of course, do not forget that you can also use C and C ++ libraries.

Python programming language

python Android programming languages

Given that Android does not support native Python programming, this is not the end of the matter. There are many tools you can use to first write your program in Python and then use it to convert your program to apk. These apps run well on Android devices. Since we have a large number of Python programmers, there must have been a platform for them to be able to produce Android applications as well. Learning Python and Java at the same time is very difficult because they are both high level languages.

Android programming with C# language

c# for android

Well, it’s time to talk about C#. it is one of the best programming languages in the world and also my favorite language. Microsoft has made many efforts to optimize and strengthen its programming language, which can be said to have been successful. One of the biggest problems with C # in the past was that it only ran on one operating system, Windows. But with the update that took place in 2014 and became open source, the possibility of producing programs for other operating systems has been added. Also, by combining it with Unity, you can produce heavy and powerful games.

Android programming with PhoneGap

make apk whit html ,css

Web designers do not worry at all. Using PhoneGap, you can create Android applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Apache Cordova is the company that produced this software. But you should not count on this issue as Android programming. In fact, you design an offline website and then display it as a Android application via Webview. If you are a web developer now, it may be a good option for you, but if you want to start from scratch, be sure to choose another programming language to produce Android applications.

Corona for Android programming

corona programming languages

Corona is one of the options for Android programming that is simple and not very complicated and also gives you high control power. With this language, coding is much easier than with Java, and with the Corona SDK, this coding becomes much easier. This software can be output for most operating systems and is not limited to Android. This language is mostly used to produce games, but in some cases, other applications are produced with it. You only need a text editor to write this language and you can get apk output using websites. This language is great for those who want to start simple programming but are not suitable for professionalism.



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