WordPress is one of the largest and most widely used content management systems today. Back-end This script is written with PHP and MySQL and Front-end & is a combination of Html, CSS, javascript. It has been 18 years since the first day WordPress was officially released and today in 2021, more than 40% of the world’s sites were created using this content management system. I said these numbers, that when you are reading this article, install WordPress with ease and know that you are on the right path.

Today in Pink Pan we want to teach you how to install WordPress.WP is a free and open-source CMS and you can get general information about it from this link. Well, let’s go to the tutorial on installing WordPress.

You need to get a host before you start training and in this link, we will teach you how to prepare good hosts.

The first step of install WordPress (download WordPress)

Download  WP from wordpress.org to your local device and upload it to your host. Of course, many hosting companies have the option to automatically install WordPress for you. But if the hosting you bought from does not have this feature, follow the continuation of the article :).

install WordPress

The second step (creating a database)

We need a database to store our WordPress information. This is to connect the information and data in WordPress to your host. Enter your panel and click on MySQL Database Wizard. 

1 -Create a database, enter the name of the database, and go to the next step.

2-Create Database Users, enter the user name and password of the database

3- Add the user you created to the database, click the all privileges checkbox, and go to the next step.

Write the names and passwords somewhere because we will need them later

The third stage (Start the installation)

Go to this address to start the installation yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php and enter the database information you created in the previous step

install WordPress

ِِDatabase name: The name of the database you have already created.

Username: The username you created for your database

password: The password you chose for your username in the last step.

Database Host: just type localhost.

Last step (end of the installation)

Well, we are almost done, now we just have to fill in the required information.

install wordpress

Site Title: Choose the title of your site, you can change it in the future.

Username: Enter the site admin username, do not use the word “admin” or site name to increase site security.

Password: Choose the password you want, use complex passwords so that it is not easily guessed.

Your Email: Enter your email.

Finally, click on the Install WordPress button. If you follow the instructions, you will see the message “WordPress has been installed. Thank you, and enjoy!”.

Congratulations, WordPress installation is complete, if you have any comments, questions, bugs, etc., send them in the comments. After installing WordPress scripting on your host, it is time to install your proper template. Set up your content categories, customize your site’s Lego and titles and footer, publish your content and articles on the site, and more. Do not worry, if you follow our tutorials, you will simply learn all of the above and become a skilled WordPress user.




I am a computer engineering student, I have been working in SEO and WordPress for almost 8 years and I also have programming skills.

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