Well, in previous tutorials, you learned how to install WordPress. You became familiar with the wp panel and learned how to publish a new post. Now it’s the most important part of learning WordPress. If your site does not look good and is not user-friendly, the visitor will leave your site and will not use your services or buy your product. The site template is also very important in the speed of your site. I hope you understand the importance of choosing a good template. One of the useful and attractive features of WordPress is the existence of many premium and free templates. Many templates were created in all topics and categories to meet your needs and you can be sure that you can find the template you want.

WordPress Themes

How to find a good WordPress theme.

The most important part of choosing a WordPress template is the theme of your site. Many topics have their own templates such as real estate, stores, companies, etc. Choose your suitable template from the available templates according to the following points.

Choose the right WordPress template

The WordPress template you choose should be responsive

Today, a very large number of visitors and users of your site come to your site with a mobile phone or tablet. As you know, smartphones and tablets have different resolutions. If your website is not responsive you will lose a lot of visitors. So in today’s world, the template you choose must be responsive. It is also very important in the SEO of your website that it has a suitable appearance in all resolutions.

Choose a WordPress theme that is social media friendly

As you know, social networks rule today. You rarely see a person who does not use social networks and almost all people on the planet are connected to these networks with one device. If your site is not optimized for social networks, it means you will lose a lot of traffic. The minimum features that your WordPress template should have are the buttons for sharing your content on social networks. Another very important feature for service and store sites is the WhatsApp button. One button to call or send a direct and convenient message to your website support. This button has a great impact on turning visitors into customers for you. In the footer or header or other parts of the site if the part is to display your pages on social networks is great. This will make your users follow your social pages and your relationship will be stronger.

wordpress theme social media

Choose a WordPress theme that is easy to edit

Many new templates in the WordPress panel have a separate section for template settings. This feature allows you to easily edit all parts of your template with just a few clicks. If you do not have programming knowledge, you will be in big trouble for templates that do not have this feature. So before buying or downloading a new template, be sure to pay attention to this feature.

WordPress theme edit

Your template must be optimized for search engines

The most important factor to consider when installing the template is its optimality. The WordPress template you choose must be fast. The page code should be optimized and not complicated so as not to slow down your site. The images used in the template should be light and not too large to make your site heavy. Before buying the template, you can check the speed of the template from this link. Just try the preview link or the site that is currently using this template in the link above

Optimize and speed up templates


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