The most important part of activity and success on YouTube is your Thumbnail. You can easily send a large number of visitors to your video by using an attractive image. But that is not all. You need to make quality videos so that the visitors you gain by thumbnails will watch your video. If they watch your video to the end, they will be more likely to subscribe to your channel and watch other videos.

The first thing YouTube users see when visiting a YouTube website/app is the thumbnail. The title and thumbnail of your video should cause the user to click on your video. If the mentioned factors are not attractive enough, the user will simply skip your video. The thumbnail should be in a way that clearly expresses the content of your video. Do not use counterfeit and Clickbait methods in any way. This will allow users to quickly close your video and make your video less valuable by the YouTube algorithm. Let’s make a summary. Your thumbnail should look stylish and beautiful, provoke the audience to click, and show the real content of your video.

Well, now that we know the importance of this issue, let’s learn how to get more clicks on our thumbnails.

First choose the right size of thumbnail

Well, the first thing to start is to choose the right image size. Choosing the wrong size will cause your thumbnail to crop and not have a good shape. The standard size for YouTube is 1280 x 720. So be sure to try uploading your images in this size. It is a misconception that because the image is small, we should upload a small image. No this is completely wrong. You need to upload large images so that your thumbnail is of the highest quality when displayed in small size. In my opinion, it is better to set the image format to png for higher quality.

youtube thumbnai

Put the images as a close-up.

As you know, a large number of YouTube users use YouTube with smartphones. thumbnails in Smartphones are displayed very small due to their small screen. So try to use it with high zoom and large images as much as possible. If your Thumbnail is far away and many details are displayed, it is difficult to see them and it does not have an interesting view. So, as much as possible, separate the important images of your video and put them in the thumbnail. For example, in the image below, we have a thumbnail of the famous YouTuber Pewdiepie videos. On the left, you can see a large photo from a close distance of his face and on the right, he has selected an exciting part of his video.

pewdiepie thumbnail

The text on the image is very important.

You can not show all the purpose and content of your video with just a photo. Choosing an attractive and beautiful title is very important to convince users to watch your video. Make sure your text is not too long as it can make your photo too crowded and out of beauty. The color of your text should be in stark contrast to your background to make it look good.

The next step is to choose the font, which is very important. The font you choose should be very nice and give your thumbnail a nice look. Always try to use a special font to become your brand. If you always use the same font, this will make your thumbnails look the same and unique. Make sure the font you choose is not a popular font that everyone uses. Find a font that is a little popular but beautiful and brand it. Like the image below, where the text is in a large, beautiful font and color that is opposite to the background.

youtube text

Use the appropriate background image.

This part is completely personal and goes back to your own taste. Depending on the subject of the video, the style of the video, etc., you can use another photo or a part of the movie as a background.

Thumbnail coloring

Try to use complementary colors. Many colors are very beautiful when placed next to each other. For example, if your background is purple, the text will look beautiful in bold yellow. Choosing a color is not a difficult task, but if you do not have experience, you can first imitate famous YouTubers. You can use this link to generate your favorite color code for free.

Show a glimpse of the fantastic ending in thumbnail

Showing the end result and the result of the video will excite users to see the end of your video. It also increases the clicks on your video because visitors are interested in how those results were obtained. This move can be very effective in instructional videos, cooking, handmade, etc.

food youtube Thumbnail

Have your own style

Decide and have a special style for your thumbnail. This will make you look more professional and your fans will easily recognize and admire your video from the rest of the video. This does not mean that all covers are completely the same shape and boring. They must have the same algorithm and shape. Using a personal logo also helps a lot. Put this LEGO everywhere in your video so that if your video is republished on other platforms, visitors will recognize you.

Get ideas from famous YouTuber thumbnails

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean copying completely. We mean get positive ideas and use them in your thumbnail. All you have to do is go to the videos section of successful YouTubers like pewdiepie. Then click on sort by and select the most visited option. Now you see the most viewed videos by this YouTuber. By examining the thumbnails, you can find out the secret of the success of these videos. Then implement these ideas in your videos.

pewdiepie videos


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